But first I’d like to thank your Ex!

I never really gave it much thought how and why a guy chooses one date spot over another. That is until I met up with the newest firsty at the Good luck bar in Hollywood.

When we made our date night plans he suggested without any hesitation the Good luck bar. Now the GL Bar is a dive bar amongst many in L.A. and it has a certain flavor to it. They definitely want you to kitsch it up a bit with their fruity libations and eclectic juke box selections. It wasn’t so much the place that he chose but that he chose at all. It’s been a quandary for me in the past when men ask where I’d like to go. I know exactly where I’d like to go (STK, Rivera, La Boheme) but I’m not sure that I’ll be sleeping with you ever and so a dinner date that exceeds your $$$ sensibilities may be out of the question. I don’t want to leave you homeless with a single dinner date that ends with a handshake. So; when a man makes a suggestion I’m not only impressed but relieved. It also gives me a chance to plot my outfit.

So what does this have to do with thanking a guys Ex. Well, when I met my guy at the GL we did the whole ice breaker banter about if I’d ever been there, have trouble finding it etc. I had been there, but years ago, and it looked pretty similar although the bathrooms seemed different? I have a thing about bathrooms. Anyway, as the get to know you chatter continued he casually mentioned that his Ex-girlfriend had brought him here and he liked it.


So; I assumed his casual air and inquired where else he liked to go in Hollywood. As I suspected, he didn’t know of a single other place and took his chances that I would like it here.

Now I know why the bartender looked at me strangely.

They probably see this guy every other weekend with a different girl , but I really wasn’t that miffed. It just made me consider that I might be responsible for YOUR hopes and happiness, should you date my Ex. Which leaves me beholden to YOU should I date your Ex. Which really got me thinking and drinking. Did I owe it to other women to make sure that they have a great date with my Ex? 425253_haute_cuisine

Would other women knowingly step up to the plate and provide me with a night of bliss and expensive sparkling Rose when things hadn’t worked out for them?

I am THAT person who loves to plan a fun outing whether for my girlfriends or my latest crush. I wondered with all the popularity of movies like Mean Girls and the youtube explosion of girls ganging up on other girls, could we girls finally just get along?

I remember putting a former lover on the spot with ‘a what to do date night’ quandary. Poor guy! How could he ever hope to follow up the politically charged impromptu movie night, followed by drinks on the rooftop of a swank L.A. spot with a hot jazz trio in the background, or the last minute staycation reservation (before it was en vogue) at the quaint French bistro that everyone was raving about in HIS neighborhood.

I gave that boyfriend some good loving and in return he took me to wherever I made a reservation. If it was hot we were there. So; for once I thought enough let the man have his say and choose our destination. He promptly said, “I could never come up with something as exciting as you!” Aw thanks Boo!

Flattered and a little bit flabbergasted too I relented and quickly made a reservation at a new spot with reclining beds on their open air patio. If he was right, he was right. When we broke up I felt I had bequeathed to him a number of great spots to ‘woo’ his next girl and just hoped that I never ran into him with said girl at any of these spots. They were after all still MY spots but I have grown to be comfortable with our joint ownership.

So now let me thank all of the Ex’s, Ex’s. Of course, you’re welcome too!

And to the naysayers that always lament that women don’t work together perhaps this is the type of working together that could be our ultimate coup. Just think, we could eventually wind up dining, drinking and going to every place fashionable. Heck, who knows maybe we could even start a movement whereby Men would get it right in the bedroom, too. Not only great thoughtful dates, but maybe even mind blowing, toe curling, eyes rolled back sex! Who’s with me?
Who do you want to thank and who do you want to say you’re welcome to? Please share!


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